Who’s Prof Mel and why are you here?

Hi, I’m Mel. I recently started a new job so I became Prof Mel. Then I got a new blog to chronicle my teaching adventures with Ontario Extend by my side.

What’s Ontario Extend?

A super supportive open education platform that helps enhance teaching pedagogy with the added luxury of earning badges (my collection is featured below in a special exhibit).

What’s this blog about?

I’ve created a handy formula to explain: (Community Services Navigation + Positive Psych Professor) + (OCD + Mental Health Advocate) = Profvocate to the power of my own opinions

What’s this blog about?

Initially, the blog started as a way to share my Ontario Extend assignments but because I love writing, extending (!) it beyond the modules felt organic.

Exhibit of Badges:

Please, no photos.


P.S. No idea what it is with me and cooking metaphors.

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